Gardnerville & Minden Activities and Programs

You couldn't pick a more beautiful place to schedule a day of programs and fun than in the Carson Valley. Gardnerville and Minden activities take full advantage of the setting and the resources — historical, natural and cultural — to provide a full range of diversions, both educational and purely recreational. Explore the Pine Nut Mountains and experience a day as it was for the members of the Washoe tribe ages ago. Tour the farms and watch the bald eagles as they congregate in the spring. Take in the famous Candy Dance, and while you're on that side of the valley, hear about the rivalry between Genoa and Dayton as to which settlement was the first in Nevada. Take a quick trip out to Topaz Lake for a little boating. Explore the hot springs out on foothill road, then keep on driving for a peek at Jacks Valley Ranch. Sign up for a fishing derby or come out to clean up and help preserve the Carson River. Are you starting to get the idea that there is an endless parade of Gardnerville and Minden activities and programs just waiting for you to jump in and participate? You certainly won't have to worry about finding something to do. The problem will be in finding the time to do all the things that you want to.

Gardnerville and Minden Activities Indoors

And just in case it seems as if all of the Gardnerville and Minden activities involve the great outdoors, just consider all the programs that take place inside. Programs and events are offered by the Douglas County library system and at the Carson Valley Cultural Center and Museum, and touring the Dangberg Ranch will take you both inside and outside. And these are just a few of the activities you can enjoy inside and away from the weather.