Gardnerville & Minden Casinos

The Gardnerville and Minden casinos offer a special atmosphere and gaming experience that you won't find anywhere else. The larger cities such as Reno, Las Vegas and Carson City have large casinos with chrome and neon, while the small stops along the interstate or hidden within the state's interior are mostly tiny affairs with a slot machine or two. But the Carson Valley is a vacation destination in its own right. The Gardnerville and Minden casinos complement the tone of the community, offering a warm and friendly environment rich with history. There are only a handful of gaming establishments here, but each one holds a special place in the story of Northern Nevada, from those with roots in the early 1900s all the way to the very newest businesses just opened in the past few years. There is a casino that began its life as a gas station in 1911 and one that was once known as the Golden Bubble. There is a casino where visitors can see big-name country and music acts such as Wynonna Judd or the Oakridge Boys, and there is a casino operated by the Washoe people as a component of the economic revitalization of the tribe. Each of the Gardnerville and Minden casinos has its own identity and brings its own contributions to the community.

Nearby Gardnerville & Minden Casinos

Once you get beyond central Gardnerville and Minden, casinos are a bit more isolated. The Topaz Lake area offers gaming as well as dining and lodging. If you take Kingsbury Grade over the rim of the mountain and into the Tahoe Basin, you'll find casinos tucked away at Stateline. As with the Gardnerville and Minden casinos located directly on the main route through the main community, these outlying gaming establishments also boast their own individual identities.