Gardnerville & Minden Civic Organizations

In a community such as Gardnerville and Minden, civic organizations are in large part just an extension of the residents' day-to-day lives. The meetings, membership, events and programs of these groups will add some formality and structure to participation, but many of the people you will see at these organizations are the same faces you run into during the course of the workday. The Gardnerville and Minden civic organizations include many of the same groups you will find in any community, such as the Masons, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions and more. Others are more oriented to the agricultural nature of the valley. These can include the conservation district, saddle clubs, 4-H clubs and other ranch and farm groups. For the most part, these Gardnerville and Minden civic organizations have bylaws and officers. Many have certain requirements that must be met to be eligible for membership. Examples of these can include veteran's organizations or professional and trade groups. For other gatherings, the membership is wide open and just about anyone who is interested in the goals and mission of the group is welcome to participate. Many of the organizations will have regular meetings on a monthly or quarterly schedule. However, a good percentage will meet far less frequently.

Programs by Gardnerville & Minden Civic Organizations

The reasons behind the existence of these groups varies across the spectrum. Many of the Gardnerville and Minden civic organizations are designed to give members a chance to socialize and contribute to the general good at the same time. Some groups have very specific goals, while others will entertain different projects and programs that will help benefit the Carson Valley community as a whole.