Gardnerville & Minden Events: Community

The Gardnerville and Minden community is unlike any other you've likely experienced, with a nostalgic, small-town feel rooted in the modern-day West. The original agricultural-based economy has given way to a bit more diversification, although you will still find plenty of working farms and ranches in the valley. The downtown area is pure Americana, complete with a park and gazebo. The names on the streets and subdivisions are family names that crop up throughout the history of the area. The people of the Gardnerville and Minden community like to gather for a number of reasons. The Candy Dance in Genoa is a big draw, and the annual Eagles and Agriculture is an opportunity to share the local lifestyle with visitors. Residents also come together over coffee, for live entertainment, to discuss governmental issues, to work on community service projects and to celebrate the numerous heritages that make up the population of the Carson Valley. From the outside it might appear to be a homogenous small town, but the reality is that our community is vibrantly diverse. It is a multi-faceted example of rural America.

Gardnerville & Minden Community Calendar

Given that there are so many elements and sides to the Gardnerville and Minden community, it can be difficult to keep up with all the events and activities that take place here. We work hard to present a comprehensive snapshot of life in the Carson Valley and beyond. Visit this site often to stay informed about community happenings and gatherings so you won't miss a thing. 

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E.g., 03/19/2019
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