Gardnerville & Minden Events: Daytime

Gardnerville and Minden's daytime events are often big community get-togethers that celebrate the way of life enjoyed in rural Nevada. Everybody likes an excuse to gather and have a day of fun, food, music, activities and events. In the springtime, look for the opportunity to watch the bald eagles that flock to the valley. Summertime can mean a renaissance fair or rodeo. Autumn brings many events that are centered around the harvest time in this agricultural area, and in the winter watch the calendar for chances to have fun outdoors in the brisk weather and indoors with treats and warm drinks. One aspect of the Gardnerville and Minden daytime events is that they are not confined strictly within the town limits of these two municipalities. Oh sure, plenty of fun happens within both Minden and Gardnerville. But many of the events that are enjoyed throughout the year take place in the extended community all over the valley, from Genoa to the Pine Nuts and from Indian Hills all the way down to Topaz Lake. So if you're a visitor to Carson Valley and find a daytime event that looks as if it's something you'd like to attend, be sure to check the location and plan the appropriate amount of travel time into your schedule.

Food and Minden/Gardnerville Daytime Events

Gardnerville and Minden daytime events often focus on dining and cuisine, which is no surprise given the agriculture, farming and ranching heritage and history of the area. Put that diet on hold for a day or two when you come to the Carson Valley. You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you attend one of these gatherings and don't sample the culinary offerings. You can always skip a meal later on, but a food festival in Minden or Gardnerville is simply not to be missed.

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E.g., 03/19/2019

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