Minden Happy Hours

Including Gardnerville Happy Hours

There's a lot of hard work that takes place in Minden, Gardnerville and the whole Carson Valley area. But everyone knows that people who work hard also like to play hard, so the Minden happy hours are pretty darned popular. These get-togethers can involve something as simple as a short period of decompression after the work day and getting ready to get back to it the next morning. Or they can be a bit more celebratory and involve a big game on the television or plans for an upcoming vacation. But some of the biggest parties that take place during the happy hours at Gardnerville and Minden NV restaurants are to honor some big achievements. It could be a birthday, a promotion, an engagement or anniversary or even just a job well done, but whatever it is that people come together to be happy about, the area restaurants, pubs and bars will be ready. Because in a community like this, when something good happens to one person, it's a good thing for everyone. So come on in and check the happy hour specials, no matter what the reason. Even if you're just visiting and what you are celebrating is your vacation, everyone will be glad to see you.

The mood that you're in might help you choose which happy hour celebration to join at Gardnerville or Minden NV restaurants. For some mellow relaxation, one of the lounges might be just the spot. If loud and boisterous is more your speed, there's a pub or cantina that will be glad to have you stop by. The area restaurants offer these and many more, so look around and take your pick.