Minden Shopping Must Haves

Including Gardnerville

The shopping in this area isn’t your everyday, boring trip to the store. Instead, Gardnerville and Minden shopping is an adventure in which you come across the items that you simply must have, even if you weren’t aware of it. Luckily for us, most of the businesses are located in a centralized area of the two towns. A person could get around to all of the shops just by walking, if the weather was good and they scheduled the entire day for it. But it makes more sense to park, visit the stores within a close distance then get back to the car and drive a ways and repeat the whole thing over again. This helps save your energy for what really matters … finding those must have items! It’s also a smart move because, as great as the Gardnerville and Minden shopping is in the downtown and highway corridor areas, it may very well be that not all the items you’re hunting for are to be found right there in town. You may need to range a little farther afield, and you won’t want to try to get out to the Ranchos on foot, let alone explore Genoa or any of the other outlying spots without a vehicle.

Planning Your Gardnerville & Minden Shopping

In fact, if you arrange your Gardnerville and Minden shopping for the must have items with the layout of the Carson Valley in mind, you’ll be able to maximize both your time and your budget. You can plan a loop that will put you near a good restaurant at lunchtime, and that will bring you back home (or to your hotel, if you're visiting) at the end of the day, with all of your purchases in tow.

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