Minden Restaurants

Including Gardnerville Restaurants

Minden restaurants offer a surprisingly large and diverse selection of dining options given the relatively small population of these rural ranching and farming communities. Whether it's a special dinner out for fine dining, a quick bite for lunch before heading back to work or anything in between, you'll find just the right eatery available here in the Carson Valley. Many of the Minden and Gardnerville restaurants reflect the rural farming, ranching and agricultural base of the area. If you're a proud carnivore, you'll find it hard to choose from among the Minden restaurants offering great steak, lamb, roasts and meat dishes of all sorts. Throw in a yummy chicken dinner or some juicy pork and you'll see why meat lovers flock to this area. But if you lean more toward the vegetarian side of the dining table, you won't feel left out. Fresh vegetables are a staple here, and we also love our juicy fruits. And while we might be over the hill and a few miles away from the ocean, there are also some kitchens here in the valley that do some incredible things with fish and seafood. Can't decide which you prefer? Why not try them all? You can start at one end of the community and work your way through to the other side, and your stomach won't regret it!

Specialty Minden Restaurants

While some Minden restaurants have a full menu of steak, seafood and other foods, others are more specialized in their offerings. Some are open for only certain meals, such as breakfast and lunch. Others are places that serve up ethnic recipes such as Basque, Mexican, Thai or Italian, and all have their own special dishes. Even when you want an exotic meal, there's no need to travel outside of the valley.