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One way to really get to know an area is to spend a day visiting the local stores. Set aside time to do some Gardnerville and Minden shopping, and in one day, you’ll get a feel for the Carson Valley that might otherwise take a much longer time to acquire. You’ll meet the people including business owners and clerks, customers and folk walking along outside. You’ll see what the locals are wearing (and what the shop owners think they should be wearing). You'll see how people are decorating their homes, what they are putting in their yards and how they spend their leisure time. You’ll also soak up some of the atmosphere of the different areas of the region. Doing a bit of shopping out in the Ranchos has a different ambiance than checking out the businesses in the more industrial-feeling area along the highway as you head south toward California. The shops in the downtown are different than those in the Ironwood center or than the stores around where Waterloo crosses Highway 395. It’s a small community, but the Gardnerville and Minden shopping scene offers a range of choices. It’s this diversity and these differences that give depth and character to hometown shopping.

Gardnerville and Minden Shopping Specialties

And as you grow to understand and appreciate the different nuances of Gardnerville and Minden shopping, you’ll be able to intuit just where to go for the items you need and want. You’ll know which street to take for hardware and lumber, who to call for that special birthday present and how to find a chair that is perfect for your home décor. You’ll be shopping like a local!

Carson Valley Art Center

Minden Shopping
1644 U.S. Highway 395, Suite B-3, Minden
(775) 392-4848

Carson Valley Art Center is a place where creativity and community come together. Artists Deborah Corona and Michael Corona run this gallery, studio and classroom space, offering dynamic art classes and continuing arts education to all ages. They lead classes in drawing, painting and ceramics, including hand-building, wheel-throwing and sculpture. Other offerings here include DaVinci & Drinks, a guided painting party in which you can... read more

Carson Valley Art Center is a place where creativity and community come together. Artists Deborah... read more