Things To Do in Minden

Including Gardnerville

If you think really hard, you can come up with a small list of activities that aren't available in the Carson Valley. But for the most part, the range of Gardnerville and Minden things to do is in the vast majority. Just think about it for a minute. In our little corner of the world, you've got hiking and biking, fishing and swimming, boating and floating. There's even hang-gliding, flying and gliding. You've got museums and historical sites. Live entertainment and educational programming. A swim center and a rec center, a great library and the seat of county government. We're on a migratory flight path, so the birding is phenomenal. There are hot springs and parks, sports and movies. You can eat out at a great restaurant or pick up some specialty foods for an incredible picnic. Hit the town and visit some unique little shops that you won't find anywhere else. Hop from pub to bar to lounge for a night you won't forget. Let's face it, Gardnerville and Minden things to do can add up awfully quickly, so instead of saying, "What can we do here?" the more accurate question is, "What can't we do here?" And the answer is, "Not a heck of a lot!"

Annual Gardnerville and Minden Things To Do

Most the activities and attractions that are on the list of Gardnerville and Minden things to do are available all year long or for quite a stretch of time when they are in season. But some of them come and go in a flash. For example, if you miss the Candy Dance, you're out of luck until next year. So keep a close eye on the calendar so you don't end up kicking yourself!

Carson Valley Art Center

Minden Thing to Do
1644 U.S. Highway 395, Suite B-3, Minden
(775) 392-4848

Carson Valley Art Center is a place where creativity and community come together. Artists Deborah Corona and Michael Corona run this gallery, studio and classroom space, offering dynamic art classes and continuing arts education to all ages. They lead classes in drawing, painting and ceramics, including hand-building, wheel-throwing and sculpture. Other offerings here include DaVinci & Drinks, a guided painting party in which you can... read more

Carson Valley Art Center is a place where creativity and community come together. Artists Deborah... read more