Gardnerville & Minden Attractions

Like much of Northern Nevada, the Gardnerville and Minden attractions are split between those related to arts, culture, history and entertainment and those found in the natural world. Given that the Carson Valley has been part of the territory of the Washoe people for several thousand years and that this area can boast the first settlement in the Nevada territory by pioneers of European descent, you can imagine what a rich culture and history is represented here. Museums and historic sites help tell the story of humanity in this corner of the West. Gardnerville and Minden attractions that are more contemporary include the arts and a wide range of entertainment. While local government might not have the high profile that is enjoyed by Carson City as the state capital, one of the Gardnerville and Minden attractions that shouldn't be overlooked is the historic Douglas County courthouse. Built when the county seat moved to Minden from Genoa in the early 1900s, this building was designed by Frederic DeLongchamps, as were so many of the iconic structures built in Northern Nevada during this time period.

Gardnerville & Minden Attractions Found Outdoors

On the other side of Gardnerville and Minden attractions is the natural beauty and the opportunity for outdoor recreation that draws visitors and delights local residents. The area where the valley floor approaches the mountain foothills offers a wonderful setting for golf. The Carson Range is famous for hiking and biking. And the streams, rivers and lakes make the area a natural for those who enjoy fishing. Gardnerville and Minden attractions offer a bit of something for everyone, from the welcoming community with small-town charm to the outdoor fun to be had in the valley and mountains and in the nearby hills and forests. 

Carson Valley Art Center

Minden Thing to Do
1644 U.S. Highway 395, Suite B-3, Minden
(775) 392-4848

Carson Valley Art Center is a place where creativity and community come together. Artists Deborah Corona and Michael Corona run this gallery, studio and classroom space, offering dynamic art classes and continuing arts education to all ages. They lead classes in drawing, painting and ceramics, including hand-building, wheel-throwing and sculpture. Other offerings here include DaVinci & Drinks, a guided painting party in which you can... read more

Carson Valley Art Center is a place where creativity and community come together. Artists Deborah... read more